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Latest news update:150601
Huh, so Grooveshark went out mere days after I posted my painstakingly developed playlist. Oh well, the lists are still posted, and I've got (incomplete) lists up on my Spotify account.
Here's the main soundtrack New recommendations:

Set in Stone
Rationalist web novel: Denied metal tools by a watchful guardian, humanity on planet Nirvana gets by in a stonepunk setting. However, after an untimely plague of locusts strikes, starvation looms in the region, as does war. We join a young swine trainer, drafted into the army. Will he find a place there for himself - and for the herd of swine he brought with him?

Evil God Average
Translated web novel: A girl gets forcibly transported to another world by an Evil God. Asked to name a gift she wants to make it in the new world, she states that she wants her eyes and atmosphere to be average (instead of the slightly creepy they are now), and He complies - making them average for an Evil God...

Kill Six Billion Demons
Webcomic: After her boyfriend gets abducted mid-sexytime by supernatural creatures, and she herself gets a powerful artifact embedded in her forehead, Allison Ruth is transported to a bustling city full of angels, demons and monsters. Can she find her boyfriend, and get them both safely home? And how will her quest change her?

Death Vigil
RL Comic also available online: By prolific comic artist Stjepan Sejic, Death Vigil is a fun and actionpacked comic about empowered ghosts, struggling to protect Earth from Necromancers and the eldritch creatures they serve. The comic's future is threatened, so it's been put online in an attempt to drum up some support for its continued existence.

Hi again!
Probably the latest I've been with an April Fool's update, but I had to wait for my account troubles to be fixed before I could update. That'll teach me to do an all-nighter to get things ready in time...

I'm gearing up a bit to produce comics SLIGHTLY more often, aiming for once a month, for now. Also, I've decided to give the Patreon thing a try, so look for one of those boxes showing up soon.

Now, what you've been waiting for: The recommendations list:

Did you play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? This quest-comic is set slightly before that, detailing the misadventures of a female Khajiit with abysmal self confidence and a huge drinking problem. It's funny!

Wilde Life
Our protagonist, Oscar Wilde (no relation) moves to the countryside, only to have a steady stream of supernatural encounters, starting with his haunted house...

Cassiopeia Quinn is a rogue space pirate who takes an endearing amount of joy in her criminal endeavours. She is pursued by Madison Frax, a straightlaced officer whose frustration with Quinn's antics is rather delightful.

Atomic Robo is finally online; basically Hellboy but more light-hearted.

Alice!started updating again in 2014. Foe a while. Made me consider how many years ago I started reading webcomics.

Thunderstruck is updating again, one lengthy update per month

Rosetta Phone This newly-started comic looks promising: A tale about a girl and her smartphone, both of which suddenly get transported to ancient Egypt. Alas, it updates one page per week. Maybe check it out in half a year or so.

Gate - thus the JSDF fought there (manga)
Military portal fantasy: A portal to a fantasy world opens up, and a medieval army invades Tokyo. This is dealt with fairly quickly, but afterwards, the portal remains, and Japan is sitting on the hottest potential trade-route on the planet. Counter-invasion and politics both ensue. Pretty realistic, so, y'know, warning for deaths and warcrimes.

Brennus (Web serial)
Superhero fiction, noticeably inspired by Worm, but is its own thing. And also less grim, which I count as a plus.

Twisted Cogs (Web serial)
Magic and Mad science in rennaissance Italy.

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa(manga)
This silly manga and its stupid, *stupid* protagonists reliably puts a huge grin on my face every time I read it. Kuromine Asahi, infamous as the boy with *absolutely no poker face*, is entrusted with a number of increasingly ludicrous secrets about the females in his environment.

HFY has been a guilty pleasure of mine, and now there's a reddit for it.

Also, I've been reading the new game-world genre, which I guess started with
Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Mostly misanthropic protagonists find fame and fortune in online MMORPGs, where their unique classes make them the most overpowered people around.
The more recent fictions, like World Gate Online, has been iterating on the formula and come up with interesting twists on it.

Lots of online fiction recommendations in this forum thread.

I put up a new April Fools strip, this time with a snazzy FORMAT change.

But now, what you're REALLY here for - the new, worthwhile pieces of media I've found since last time:

Strong Female Protagonist (webcomic)
The story of a superheroine who decided life meant more than the cape.

Max Overacts (webcomic)
A bit like Calvin and Hobbes, if Calvin had big plans as an Actor.

The Bright Side (webcomic)
A girl makes friends with Death himself. They sit about having philosophical discussions. There are many comics riffing on this concept, but I think this one is my favourite.

The Property of Hate (webcomic)
Dreamworld fantasy, starring a 7?-year-old girl and an ambulatory TV, going through some sort of imagination-based environment, battling abstract concepts on the way. I'm not sure what this comic is about, or who exactly the characters are, or what they're supposed to be doing... but it's pretty awesome.

Specimen B-28 (webcomic)
After the alien abduction algorithm beamed Mitch Hansen onto their ship for the 30th time, the aliens decided they might as well befriend the guy. Now, 20 years later, they're extending him a fabulously expensive invitation to their big intragalactic... poker tournament. Hidden motivations? What hidden motivations?

Kubera (korean webcomic)
In a world torn by struggles between humans and monstrous Sura, Kubera Leez was given the name of a God when she was born. Now, that God has sinister plans for her...

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai (japanese manga)
Ran is a energetic 10 year-old girl with lots of magic and little control over it... The reader gets to see her grow up to an adult... in 3 seconds... with her magic sneakers... thus VASTLY extending the range of trouble she can get into.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (fanfiction)
Harry Potter-Evans-Verres lives in a Potterverse where wizards have on average 150% higher IQ, where Professor Quirrel is the best Dark Arts teacher in a decade, and where his stepmother REFUSED to marry someone who wanted to name his first son "Dudley". Steeped in Logic and Rationality from early childhood, he now stands ready to make his mark on the world, For SCIENCE! The Wizarding World will never know what hit it...

Big Human on Campus (Rosario+Ranma fanfiction)
Ranma gets booted from Furinkan high, but before he can start on the martial-arts obstacle course to reinstatement, he gets invited to Youkai Academy - with all the OTHER high-powered destructive individuals who need to learn to coexist with human soceity... All I can say about this one is: Spider Jesus Ranma is BEST Ranma.

Mother of Learning)(Original fantasy web-fiction)
In his third year of magic studies, the introverted and studious Zorian gets the unexpected opportunity to do better in his first month of studies - over and over again...

Worm (original superhero webfiction)
Taylor is a thoughtful teenage girl who just acquired super powers. But the very night she sets out to become a hero, things take an left turn, and she finds herself in the unexpected position of the city's newest Supervillain. And, well, things don't exactly get better from there on...

Merry Christmas!
I've started on chapter Two now, and things seem to be going well. The storyline is basically plotted out - I'm fuzzy on many details, but then again, that's what makes comic-makinging stimulating...
The latest news on the webcomics front:
First, with a newly uploaded beginning chapter, The Wormworld Saga, by Daniel Lieske. I've had my eye on this one for a while, since hearing that he was making a webcomic detailing the story behind these two gorgeous art pieces.

Next, Tailsteak has started a new comic, Leftover Soup, which updates regularly, has a huge buffer, and is pretty good so far. (I'm still holding on hope for his other comic "Band", though because, dammit, I want to know where that little Alien-thing comes from... )

Ow my Sanity is the kind of comic you get if you combine the Cthulhu mythos with the "Magical Girlfriend Harem" genre. I definitely approve, and enjoy watching the antics of definitely-doomed art student David Bartlett, as he tries to juggle an ever-increasing entourage of cosmic horrors incarnated as women. Updates 5 times a week, large pages, and has a respectable archive already.

In Underling, we join teen genius and all-around slacker Lazarus, as he finds out precisely WHY it's a bad idea to assist demons in their plans to establish a portal linking Hell to Earth.

And in the comic Think Before You Think, a girl must face the most intimidating guy ever - an actual, literal mind-reader. ...And then she develops a crush on him. The comic is pretty much a humiliation-conga for the poor girl - and this is something I find fascinating, because while I normally hate that kind of thing, I'm able to read this one with barely a facepalm now and then. I think it's the lack of obvious moronic mistakes on the girl's part.

Oh, and I noticed I hadn't linked A Girl and her Fed before, which is a bit odd, because describing the setup is a hoot. *Ahem*
"In order to unravel a government conspiracy, a psychic journalist with ADD must team up with a cyborg FBI agent, a smack-talking Koala bear and the fairy-shaped ghost of Benjamin Franklin."
It's recently started on Part 2, and its creator is also updating the early strips to match the high standard of the latest ones.
Actually, I should do that with mine, they're pretty horrible...

In other news, the next edition of the RPG "Nobilis" is coming out in a few months, and it's showing all signs of being utterly awesome. From the various spoilers, and prior knowledge of Nobilis 2, I can confidently state that it's got THE most fun character generation I've ever seen or even heard of.

I'll start the second chapter of GA in a month or two. For now, here's the latest haul of webcomics I've discovered:

Sandra and Woo
Cool/funny series about a girl, her various friends, and a talking racoon.
Reminds me a bit of Ozy and Millie, only a bit more mature.

Ensign Sue Must Die!!! is a hilarious short comic, about 30 strips, about the reactions of the Star Trek cast to encountering the dreaded Mary Sue.

God of Destruction
Raphael leads the life of a normal teenager - until a well-connected conspiracy of crazed cultists declare him to be their reborn God. Problem is, they look to be right...

Basic Instructions
Funny and instructional comics, giving life advice mingled with snark and hilarity.

Manly Guys doing Manly Things
Buff time-traveller "Commander Badass" leads a posse/support group of unbelievably macho guys from games and movies, as they strive to somehow integrate into society.

Wasted Talent is the continuing tale of an engineering student as she studies, graduates, and finds a job.
Cute, quirky, and funny.

A Magical Roommate
What Aylia wanted was to go to a magical university and become a great wizardess. What she got was a minor university on newly discovered Earth, and instructions to keep her magical talents hidden. Hijinks ensue.
Simplistic graphics, but nice, LONG story.
I made some fanart for this one.

OMG, Homestuck. The epic scope. The musical score. The delicious trolling. The incomprehensive fetch modi. The Time-travel Shenanigans. The animations. The update schedule. OMG, the update schedule.
How to put this... If you've ever enjoyed watching someone else play "Monkey Island" or similar RPG:s, you need to check this out.

Also, this just in: Avallanath is a newly-started comic about a fantasy author who is forced to face his cliché creations, when wizards from his world, "Avallanath", magically grab an entire fantasy convention in their attempt to confront their cruel creator.

I'll be doing comics focusing on my life for a while, probably until summer. I have roughly 40 strips on the theme, that have bounced around in my head for a while now.
In other news:
I now have a DeviantArt Account as well as a TvTropes Entry. Both languish in obscurity, but I persevere!
Girls Next Door is a very amusing fancomic, starring Sarah from "Labyrinth" and her roomie Christine, from "Phantom of the Opera", living in a house with many other fictional characters.
I consider DeviantArt to be an awkward place to read a comic, but in this case, it's worth it.
Galaxion is a character-focused sci-fi comic that used to be in print at one time.
The ship Galaxion and its crew is sent to test a new experimental stardrive - ending up in a strange place. Lots of flashbacks lets us get to know the cast better.
Spacetrawler a newly-started funny sci-fi comic by Chris Baldwin, the creator of Bruno and Little Dee. Six people are abducted from Earth - to become its representatives in the galactic senate.
Lumia's Kingdom A young woman is suddenly presented with Queenhood of a magical kingdom she never heard of.
This comic's cast includes nudist royalty, psychotic seamstresses, libidinous squid women, overly sensitive bird people, and other odd folk...
The style and general mood remind me a bit of "Thieves and Kings".
The Meek is an intriguing low-fantasy epic. I've read the first three chapters on the author's livejournal, in sketch form, and am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out - though it'll take years... Note: Some NSFW nudity warning in the first chapter.
Keychain of Creation is a comic based on "Exalted", an RPG I have no experience of. Still, it's managed to catch my interest.
Another Gaming Comic is, yes, another gaming comic - about a dysfunctional gang of characters, the various RPG:s they run, and the ways they ruin their DM's day. The art is one step above clipart, and they discuss game mechanics and exploits a lot - sometimes for NON-EXISTING games. But yeah, I dig it. Good jokes, good plot, intriguing personalities; that's all I need. And that Matrix-parody RPG sounded pretty cool...
Atomic Laundromat: When supervillains and superheroes wrestle in toxic waste, who cleans their suits afterwards? That's right. these guys do.

Webcomics news:
Chasing the Sunset reached 500 strips today. Very nice humouristic comic about two young elves wandering the world along with an equally young dragon; best read in large chunks so you get the back-references.
Minus has ended, on a weird and whimsical note.
So has Casey and Andy. It shall be missed.
On the other hand, Sea of Insanity - one of my favourite webcomics - has finally started updating again. Yay!

Newfound strips:
Subnormality: Text-rich funny one-shot strips.
Nobody Scores!: Continuity-defying over-the-top absurdist satire, with characters who end up dead or locked up in something like half of the episodes.
Afterlife Blues: The next project by the makers of Miracle of Science, it hasn't caught my fancy yet, but I'm giving it time.
Good Ship Chronicles: Humorous well-drawn sci-fi comic about a dysfunctional ship crew, filmed for a TV documentary. The author has left stories unfinished in the past, but I'm crossing my thumbs for this one.
Knowledge is Power and Dumnestor's Heroes, both by Irony-chan, creator of Get Medieval. (Where does she get her energy, anyway? Because I could need a resupply, myself...)
The first story is a well-made mon-wed-fri-strip about some students who are granted super-powers. It's my favourite of the two, but Dumnestor's Heroes, a five-day-a-week RPG-session-as-comic, gets a bonus for the friendly Necromancer (though I was first with the concept, so there ;) ) and for several other just-right original touches that raise the comic above the standard.

I've been working on another secret project recently, part of why I'm late with my comics.
Trying to make a web 2.0-style concept I came up with into reality.
...I don't suppose any of you readers happen to be web-programming geniuses? Probably could use a bit of help with this one.

Narbonic, one of my long-time favourites, has ended.
...It feels weird somehow, NOT reading it first thing in the morning anymore.
Also, A Miracle of Science is in its epilogue phase, and will probably end any week now. With Casey and Andy still in hiatus, this means my Mad Science intake will become SERIOUSLY impaired. I don't think I could make it, were it not for Girl Genius.


What's happened since last update? Quite a lot.
Gods of Aar-Kelaan came out of reruns.
Elf Only Inn ended its hiatus.
Cheshire Crossing updated with a new chapter.
NeverNever got a new artist.
The archives of Killroy and Tina became free to read again.
So did those of FANS!

New comics discovered recently:
GM of the Rings, a story about what would've happened if LotR had been a D&D campaign.
Minus, a quirky and cute tale of a little girl possessing godlike powers.

In other news, I'm really starting to like YouTube, which is providing me with stuff I remember from my childhood, as well as new interesting TV shows I'm too lazy to catch on Nickelodeon. I quite enjoy Avatar; it's surprisingly good stuff - I might even turn on the TV one of these days.


Finally gathered enough new stuff for an update:

The Dreamland Chronicles
As a child, Alex regularly visited a magic dreamland nightly - until the dreams suddenly stopped.
Now, 20 years old, he gets to resume those visits by mystical means - and he finds his old friends there are similarly grown up. Beautiful CGI comic, crossing over to webcomics from print.

One stormy evening, a wheelchair-bound girl with declining health gets struck by lightning. This is, of course, a good thing. However, her life does become rather more complicated after this. Good urban fantasy comic, reminds me a bit of early Clan of the Cats.

Partially Clips
Funny one-shot strips, threading the line between one-panel and three-panel gag; the image is the same for the panels of each strip, but speech bubbles differ. Can be quite amusing.

Casey and Andy is currently on its final storyline. However, the author has unveiled a new comic: Cheshire Crossing.
Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz) and Wendy (Peter Pan) get together and compare stories. From what I've heard, this is not quite as original an idea as it would seem at first glance. However, there is certainly room for another interpretation, especially since the tales seem to differ markedly in genre.
Also, Andy Weir put in Mary Poppins in his comic, too. That's practically perfect in every way!

AND HEY, CHECK THIS OUT: The Narbonic archives is free to browse once more!
Now I can finally stop right-click-and-saving it six times a week.
On the other hand, I'm currently occupied with storing the archive of Goblins...

Also, I hear Pewfell is free again, too. I've got to get around to reading it one of these days.


My internet access will be spotty this next week, so I put up the unfinished strips in the meantime.
In other news, welcome to those people coming here via the recent comment on my comic, which Reinder Dijkhuis posted over at the snarcoleptics community.


I've finally updated my Link List! (So far only the version without banners, though.)

Also, another update on the Webcomic World:

Angel Moxie is finishing up - oh, and it's got a theme song now.

Dragon Tails is updating once again, now with a video-game spoof storyline.
Avalon also shows signs of life.

I just noticed that Rogues of Cwlyd-Rhan made it's archives available to the public again. Good for me - I think it's more suitable for reading in large chunks than day-by-day, anyway. Oh, and reruns of early strips? I like that too.
The Angst Technology comic archive seems to work once again.

Girl Genius now have both my favourite scenes from volume 2 online:
The Falling Machine Episode ("several pages) and the "keelink everybody plan is no goot" scene.

Among new comics, I've found Goblins, a riveting story of some poor monsters who try their best to live peaceful lives, and not get killed by adventurers.

Also be sure to check out Get Medieval, a seven-days-a-week comic centering on a family of galactic fugitives who get stranded on medieval Earth.


Anyhow, what's happened in the webcomics world since last I posted? Lessee...

Sea of Insanity is updating again; the author is back from her year in Japan.
Great comic, in case you haven't read it yet.

And speaking of Japan, Tsunami channel also seems to be reemerging from its hiatus.

Girl Genius, one of the few comics I read outside the web, is moving to the internet, one strip at a time: at this point, the first volume is almost fully uploaded.
Mad scientists, steam-driven robots - this comic is too good too miss.

Compensating for this good news, Reman Mythology seems to be moving out of the web.

Gossamer Commons is shaping up to be a good urban fantasy strip, about a struggling writer who rescues a fairy, and the not wholly nice consequences that follow.
The author also has a blog commenting comics, web and otherwise, which has gained popularity of late. I myself have become a regular reader.

Vexxarr deals with the subject of alien invasion from a humorous perspective, positing that aliens are rather incompentent (which is a reasonable hypothesis to why they aren't freaking here yet, I must sadly agree).

Oh yeah, and my secret project is finished and was uploaded to the 'net a month or so ago.


What, you want a link? That would defeat the "secret" part, now wouldn't it? Come on, I've certainly given enough hints. OK, subtle hints, but still...
Anyway, those of you who nostalgic enough to care, probably know already.
Some webcomic links:

Basically EVERYONE links these. And for good reasons.

Good comics you ought to know about already.

Good comics you might have missed

Good comics you probably did miss, go check them out!

And my comic you certainly DIDN'T miss. If you want to make sure other people don't either, here are my first few banners:

More will follow if I find the time.

Also, the rest of my webcomic links can be found here!
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